Sunday, May 20, 2012

Using Coir Erosion Control Blankets for Erosion Control

Coir is a natural fiber extracted from the husk of the coconut and used in products such as weed control mats, Growbags, Coir pots, mattresses, erosion control products, landscaping mats, etc. Technically “Coir” is the fibrous material found between the hard, internal shell and the outer coat of a coconut.  Coir is an excellent natural material for use in soil erosion control products and is used extensively in landscaping projects. 
Coir blankets are well known for superior performance since Coir is naturally resistant to rot, mold and moisture. It needs no chemical treatment. Hard and strong, it can be spun and woven into matting (Geotextiles) as well. Blankets provides adequate strength and durability to protect slopes from erosion, while at the same time allowing vegetation to flourish.

Coir erosion control blankets, also known as coconut blankets or coir blankets are used extensively for slope stabilization, landslide stabilization and river-bank protection purposes.  They are easily transported and deployed, can be secured in place, and can eventually become part of the soil structure.  They are environmentally friendly and do not pose potential contamination risks.  There are no hazardous chemicals or synthetic materials within the matrix.  Over a period of time, coir, which is eco-friendly and 100% bio-degradable, completely disintegrates leaving only humus. 

Coir blankets are also excellent for use in landscaping, vegetation control and sediment control purposes. Coir fibers have an advantage over synthetic fibers. They are highly water absorbent, while retaining their physical properties. They store up water and build an ideal micro-climate for the seeds underneath. Of all natural fibers, coir has the greatest tensile strength.

Depending on your specific needs, several types of coir erosion control blankets are supplied by CoirGreen™.  These blankets are specifically designed to control soil erosion based on slope, water flow and duration.  The specific needs of the soil erosion control situation will determine which type of coir erosion control blankets should be used.
Erosion control blankets provide a natural alternative with flexible options for every landscaping situation from temporary to permanent application.  Coir blankets can be utilized in controlling even the steepest of slopes from erosion.  Seeding or planting with coir blankets is a simple process due to the blankets natural ability to retain moisture and protect from the suns radiation.

Coir soil erosion control blankets come in various lengths, widths and densities depending on your soil control needs.  In most cases, custom orders can be accommodated. More details on Coir Erosion Control Blankets, please visit

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